01. True, long-distance love

Do you know, what love is? 
Do you know, how does it feel?
I will tell you my story.
My love story.
My long-distance love story.
I will tell you about… 
My true, long-distance love.
Love is when… 
…you feel sad, when (s)he is. 
…you feel happy, when (s)he is. 
…you sing, when (s)he does. 
…you cry, when (s)he does. 
…you switch on your phone, few seconds before (s)he calls you. 
…and you know this all, even if (s)he is not telling it.
That’s connection. 
Even if you do not talk with each other everyday.
Even if you cannot touch each other everyday. 
Even if… 
Even if you are physically apart. 
Two hearts are connected. 
Despite of distance.
Despite of time. 
You feel them close. 
And that’s love.